ALPAK Corrugated Display Cardboard

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ALPAK Fulfillment

The Beginning of the Process:

Alpak purchases its sheets from the leading sheet-producer in the industry...
and it's worth it. Our plant rarely encounters any shutdowns due to inconsistent sheets. They are smooth, consistent, and edged properly for effective processing throughout our facility.

High Quality Cardboard Sheets for Displays

The Pre-Assembly:

With an average tenure in our factory personnel of eighteen years, our ability to assemble displays quickly, efficiently and expertly is second-to-none. Whether pre-assembling for fulfillment in our own plant or yours, ALPAK will streamline the process, allowing your resources to be involved in more productive endeavors.

Creation and Rigorous Quality Assurance Testing of all Cardboard Displays

When is a "box wrap" not a box wrap?

When it is placed over the top, to allow increased restriction of product movement during shipment, thereby dramatically reducing any damage or loss during shipment. Here a "Fun Station" for sunglasses is going under wraps for shipment to Wal-Mart.

Finished Pallet Pack is being removed from the Fulfillment Center to our Warehouse & Distribution area, to be stretch-wrapped and banded prior to be loaded onto the trucks. ALPAK can pack and fulfill as many as 500 Pallet Packs per day! (Just ask Sony.)

ALPAK maintains computerized on-line real time tracking with all major carriers, including Yellow Freight, NEMF, CCX, and many others. In addition, ALPAK maintains computerized on-line real-time tracking with FEDX and UPS.
Fulfillment and High Quality Packaging

Alpak Fulfillment Services since 1955

Alpak offers complete, turn-key fulfillment services without sub-contracting.

  • Pre-assembly of all displays.
  • Ability to receive product from across the country, or direct from overseas.
  • "Safe Area", with bonded insurance for full value of product.
  • Labeling (UPC, pricing) and tagging product.
    Pre-loading into displays.
  • Sealing display shipper cartons.
  • Ship to dc's (distribution centers), or drop-ship direct to individual retail outlets.
  • Computerized tracking of all shipments.
  • New Jersey plant located at the "Crossroads of the East", Interstate 80, Interstate 95, and the Garden State Parkway. (And only minutes from NYC / George Washington Bridge.).