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Overall Dimensions:
A = Left to Right 9 1/2"
B = Front to Back 9 1/2"
C = Top to Bottom 20"

Box Dimensions:
A = Left to Right 9 1/2"
B = Front to Back 9 1/2"
D = Top to Bottom 9 1/2"

Riser Dimensions:
A = Left to Right 9 1/2"
E = Top to Bottom 10 1/2"

Slot Dimensions:
F = Left to Right 6 3/4"
G = Top to Bottom 1/4"

KDF: 21 5/8" x 20 3/8" x 3 3/4"
Weight: (approx): 6 lbs. - 10 pak
Cube: .96
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